Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flamingo Rising

Many thanks to Bindu and Dharm for kicking off the 2014 Flamingo Friday Season on "Flamingo the Thirteenth"!

The Flamingo Stops to Smell the Flowers

I had to leave early but I think I saw about half of the street there and even a few "alumni". The potluck was starting to roll in and there were a few growlers from the local vats of Jailbreak Brewing for a little judicious sampling!

The early afternoon deluge gave way to a perfect summer's evening with a light breeze, though I think the next storm rolled in at the end of the night to chase the stragglers away.

The Flamingo is now back in the Flamingo Cave but keep an eye peeled for further appearances (or drag him out yourself and host a Flamingo Friday)!

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