Maintenance Tips

This is a reference post to collect in one place links to all of the previous posts containing tips for maintenance of your home.

Note also that we have an unofficial Residents-Only Warranties & Repairs Forum on Facebook where residents help each other. Many of these posts originated as questions and answers posted there!

Emerson Annual Inspections Checklist:

Useful Links for Autumn Walk:

Heating and Cooling Systems:

Lawn and Garden:

Trash and Recycling:

Our Curbside Collection Days on Garden Ranges are:
  • Trash: Tuesdays
  • Recycling: Fridays (note that a separate truck picks up yard trim)
  • Slide Days:
    • Collection slides by a day for 6 major holidays (New Year's, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
    • There may be ad hoc slide weeks due to inclement weather (major snow storms, hurricane, etc.)
  • Please use hard-sided, enclosed trash and recycling containers
    • This will keep your trash from being torn apart by the wildlife in Emerson so the trash/recyclables don't get blown by the winds all over Emerson

  • Basketball Hoops: Emerson's bylaws do not permit basketball hoops in townhome communities due to the close proximity of the units
  • Garage Doors, BBQ Grills, and Emergency Numbers - tips for BBQ grills plus emergency numbers
  • Hurricane Preparation Guidelines - how to prepare for a hurricane
  • Streetlights
    • BGE maintains the streetlights and pays the utility bills
    • Lighting Outage Form: go to the "Outdoor Lighting" page, then click on the "Lighting Outages" link.
      • Zoom in until the map changes and shows you the streetlights.
      • Click on the lamp in question. It will tell if any outages have been reported, and if not click on "Report this Light." 
      • The pole number should match the plate bolted up on the streetlight (fairly high so it may be hard to read
  • Snow Removal
    • Per Howard County: After a major snow storm, if your street was missed or the storm drain is blocked, call 410-313-2200.
    • When freezing rain is expected overnight on top of heavy snow, the County sometimes may leave an inch of snow on the roads overnight to prevent icing, and then clear it in the morning.
  • Taxes
    • Maryland Homestead Tax Credit: You can apply to have increases in your property taxes limited to no more than 10% per year on your primary residence. 
    • Separately, the Homeowners' Property Tax Credit also limits property taxes paid based on annual income and net worth (up to $300K in assessed value).

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