Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Maintenance Tips

Angie's List has a fairly comprehensive list of suggested Fall Maintenance tasks to prepare your household for the upcoming change in seasons:
  1. Seal drafts and add insulation 
    1. Caulk, seal, and weatherstrip
    2. Measure your insulation
    3. Audit energy waste
  2. Service your furnace 
    1. Schedule fall HVAC maintenance
    2. Replace furnace filters
  3. Protect your plumbing 
    1. Insulate water lines
    2. Drain your water heater
    3. Remove and drain outside hoses
  4. Check your gutters, roof, and chimney 
    1. Clean your gutters
    2. Inspect the roof
    3. Schedule a chimney sweep
  5. Wrap up seasonal lawn care 
    1. Remove dead leaves
    2. Finish fall lawn care
    3. Pack away lawn equipment properly (including gasoline)
  6. Take stock of your garage 
    1. Inspect your garage door
    2. Remove items that can freeze
    3. Get out the winter gear
  7. Clean your deck and store outside furniture 
    1. Put away patio furniture
    2. Clean the deck
  8. Complete a safety check, indoors and out 
    1. Review outdoor lighting
    2. Replace burnt out bulbs
    3. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  9. Schedule a car inspection
    1. Get a complete car inspection
    2. Pack an emergency car kit
For the full list of suggestions go to their web site:

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