Tuesday, November 17, 2020

2020 Autumn Walk HOA Annual Meeting

 2020 AutumnWalk HOA Annual Meeting 11-16-2020

  • Present: Dharmesh (9811), Allie (9832), Mike (9853), AJ (9838)
  • Proxies:
  • Management: April Day, CAS Inc.

Quorum Established (12 accounted for)

  • Adopt 2019 Minutes
  • Financial Review
    • 2021 Budget 
  • Presidents Report
    • Yearly Overview
    • Community Gatherings/Events
    • Landscape
    • Snow Removal
    • Misc
  • Election (One open position) 
  • Residents Forum
  1. 7:05 Call to order
  2. Introductions
    1. AJ and Mike were in attendance. They are new to the neighborhood this year.
  3. Adopt 2019 Minutes (Motion: Dharmesh, Second:Allie; Passed uncontested)
  4. Financial Review
    1. No need to raise dues
    2. Working with slightly less income because of lowered interest rate
    3. Not a lot has changed as far as expenses
    4. No delinquency problem
    5. Current management contract was due for an increase this year
    6. Current landscaper contract was a 3% increase this year.
  5. Adopt 2021 Budget (Motion: Dharmesh, Second:Allie; Passed uncontested)
  6. Community Gatherings
    1. Due to Covid the community picnic and Halloween chili cook-off was canceled.
    2. We were able to have a social distant pumpkin carving activity and Halloween parade with goodie bags for the kids.
  7. Landscaping
    1. Johnson Landscaping will be out to trim low hanging branches around the sub-division.
    2. Bushes will be planted in the large island in the back to replace ones that have died.
    3. Leaf collection will be happening within a week.
  8. Snow Removal
    1. Haven’t had a large need for this the past couple of winters Johnson is in touch with Dharmesh prior to a snowstorm coming.
  9. Elections
    1. One position open
    2. Allie, Member at large
    3. Bindu (9811) nominated Allie for re-election.
    4. Motion to reappoint Allie made by Dharmesh, AJ Carew second motion.
    5. Passed uncontested.
  10. Residents Forum
    1. No one had any additional concerns or questions
  11. Best wishes to Fred for a speedy recovery
  12. 7:50pm Meeting Adjourn

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Columbia, MD #5 on Money's Best Places to Live for 2020

Autumn Walk at Emerson is located adjacent to Columbia, MD which has perennially been a top pick in Money Magazines "Best Places to Live in America" lists for more than a decade, including taking the top spot in 2016. Columbia and Howard County define much of the quality of life for our community including the top-rated schools, a safe environment, and a diverse community.

For 2020, Columbia was ranked #5 in the US (and tops in Maryland). Their introduction to Columbia states:

"A mainstay on our Best Places to Live list, Columbia ranked 20th last year and took the top spot in 2016. This suburban town’s enduring appeal is the result of its racially and economically diverse population and its proximity to both Baltimore (15 miles away) and Washington, D.C. (22 miles). It helps that housing in the community is relatively affordable for the region."

These factors are among the reasons many of us chose to live here: proximity to jobs and amenities in a welcoming community with good schools.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Refinancing and Selling

With rates hitting historic lows, some of you may be looking to refinance your mortgages. The place to get forms filled out certifying your HOA fees and obligations is HomeWise Docs (www.homewisedocs.com).

This is also where you can obtain Resale Packages for Autumn Walk HOA when selling your home.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Autumn Walk at Emerson News 8/24/20

  1. Stephens Road Bridge Project: Closure next week o/a 8/30/20
  2. Night Hours: After 10 PM
  3. Welcome new neighbors!
  4. Landscaping & Maintenance
  5. Clubhouse Plans Revealed 8/27/20
  6. Emerson Food Trucks: Wed, Fri, Weekends
  7. Emerson Upgrades & Initiatives (driven by Emerson Community volunteers)
  8. Hammond High School: $76M Renovation/Expansion Has Begun

News Items August 2020:

1. Stephens Road Bridge Project: Closure on/about Sunday 8/30/20 

  • Stephens Road to close for about a week to relocate water/sewer lines during work hours (7 AM - 4 PM)
  • Afterwards, construction of new bridge to begin, may take as long as 2 years
  • Project lifts the bridge out of the floodplain (raising it 7-8 feet). Will also widen Stephens, add sidewalks, and add a median for traffic calming.
  • Will have two spans, so for the most part should always have one span open without major detours
  • Full info at bottom

2. Day/Night Hours: After 10 PM