Monday, November 13, 2023

2023 Autumn Walk HOA Minutes

The Minutes from the 2023 Autumn Walk HOA (AWHOA) Annual Meeting and Elections are below.

The key results are: 

  1. The Board voted to adopt the proposed budget with a $10/month increase that both gets us out of operational deficit, and funds the large mandatory increase in Reserve requirements after the new Reserve Study in 2023 doubled the expected replacement cost of the retaining wall at the end of the street.
  2. If you pay through your bank you must change the payment amount. Auto-debit through CAS will withdraw the correct amount. New coupon books for those who pay by check are expected in late December.
  3. The Board and CAS Management will look into the cost of a forensic engineering analysis of this retaining wall since it dominates our Reserve requirements and the projected expense more than doubled.
  4. Dharmesh Patel was re-elected to the Board, with his term expiring in 2026.
  5.  Fred will update the Contact information on the web site sent to him by April of CAS Management, to ensure everyone knows how to set up payments, especially with the increase.

2023 Autumn Walk HOA Annual Meeting 

Date: November 13, 2023

Location: Via Zoom


1.     Board & Management Team:

a.     Dharmesh Patel (President), 9811

b.     Fred Leong (Vice President, Communications), 9854

c.      Allie Stegner (Member-at-Large), 9832

d.     April Day, Community Manager, Community Association Services, Inc. (CAS)

2.     Residents

a.     Attending (2): Oge (9806), AJ (9838); partway through meeting Issy (9809)

b.     Proxies (12): 9804, 9810, 9814, 9819, 9838, 9843, 9846, 9848, 9851, 9852, 9853, 9860


·       2022 Minutes

·       Report on Past Year

·       Landscaping, Reserve Study

·       Discussion

·       Resident’s Forum

·       Elections

·       Budget, Fees


2023 Meeting Notes: