Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Landscaping Contract (Autumn Walk)

Update 5/16/13: Brickman has clarified that the two fenced yards with gates are grandfathered into the service only for the length of the contract (through 2015) and that new fenced areas will not be included. 

Update: Please note that the community-wide mulching is only in the Spring. Any other mulching outside of the Common Areas is your responsibility.

You may have noticed that Brickman is in the process of tending all of the mulched beds throughout Autumn Walk.

We asked every one of you individually last year for permission to contract for full maintenance, but since we're getting a little more than we expected, this seems like a good time to discuss what is covered under the 2013 contract.

Note that opting out does not reduce your Autumn Walk dues, but we can ask the contractor to skip your lot. This service is costing you $30/month ($360/year) total, including the maintenance of the Common Areas which we are obligated to take care of regardless.

If you have any concerns please let us know immediately. 

Hopefully you will agree this is an incredible bargain for this community, and has the added benefit of keeping the entire street looking trim and well-kept!

Items included in the service are listed in detail below.

2013 Landscaping Contract:
  • Spring Clean Up, mulching with enhanced mulch
    • Trenching/edging around all mulched beds (3/4/13)
    • Mulching for front & side beds (began 3/11/13)
    • Beds in rear will not be mulched
    • Weed control for beds (pre-emergence) in Spring
  • Grub control applied to entire property (twice in 2013)
  • Fertilizer and weed control - 4X (one pre- and two post-emergents with fertilizer; one Fall application)
  • Mowing of all areas in community (22 times)
  • Edging all areas in community (11 times)
  • Aeration of Entire Property
  • Slit seed 1/3 of property at time of aeration
  • Shrub fertilization (one time)
  • Leaf removal (3X)
  • Pruning of Common Area trees as needed
  • Pruning of Common Area shrubs (4X)
  • Weeding of Common Area mulched beds (11X)
  • Round-Up for Common Area bed areas, cracks, curbs (11X)
  • Winter pruning for Common Area roses

Approximate Service Dates in 2013:
  • 3/7/13 - 3/12/13: Spring Clean-Up (including trenching around beds, new mulch, weed control for beds)
  • 4/2/13: Fertilizer and pesticide (grub control) applied throughout community
  • 4/17/13: First mowing, trimming
  • 4/24/13: Second mowing, including fenced backyards
  • 5/3/13: Third mowing, trimming, including fenced backyards
  • 5/9/13: Fourth mowing, including fenced backyards
  • 5/16/13: Fifth mowing, trimming, including fenced backyards
  • 5/23/13: Sixth mowing, trimming, including fenced backyards

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