Friday, March 22, 2013

Please Watch Out for Children at Play

As the weather starts turning warmer, all of us will be outdoors more, and the layout of our street means we will see many children playing outside. Please remember to moderate your speed and ask your guests to do so as well.

As you all know by now, the speed limit was reduced to 15 mph last Fall, and The Green Guy continues to make special appearances:

Our cul-de-sac allows parents to monitor their children at play in front of their houses, but even with the best of intentions, there are times when kids will be in the street when a car comes through, so we ask that parents and drivers all work together to keep the kids safe! 

Playground @ Palace Hall?

Note that some of our neighboring communities have asked Emerson Master HOA to put a playground or park on Palace Hall (about one-third of Emerson lives along Palace Hall). Emerson initially stated that they do not own the land to do so but the conversation is continuing.

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