Monday, October 8, 2012

Cleaning Up After Your Pets

Please remember that both Howard County Regulations and your HOA covenants require pet owners to clean up solid waste left by their pets, on or off their property, and dispose of it in a sanitary manner, or face civil penalties.

This is also a reminder that your pet must be carried or on a leash when outside, so please take something with you on your way out the door, to clean up after your pet "does its daily duty."

This is a matter that affects cleanliness, the appearance of the community, and public health (pet waste can foster parasites long after it is gone).

A few extra minutes can make a big difference in the neighborhood, and can also show a little kindness and consideration for your neighbors. Thanks for your help and cooperation!

From the Autumn Walk Covenants Section 7.9.B:

“Each Member who walks a pet within the community, including the Common Area, is required to clean up any and all solid waste deposited by their pet.”

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