Monday, October 1, 2012

Neighborhood Construction Work

You've all noticed by now that the builder is starting to finish the final construction in the neighborhood, as they prepare to hand over maintenance of the street to Howard County.

When you see an orange spray-painted "X" it means that something is going to be replaced soon, whether it's large pieces of dead sod, broken curbs, sidewalks, etc. The builder will also be replacing dead trees and shrubs.

The County will then inspect the neighborhood and identify any further actions necessary, and then the street will be paved, after which Howard County will take over responsibility for street repairs and snow removal (other than the guest parking spaces, which will remain the responsibility of Autumn Walk HOA).

Future replacement of trees and shrubs will also be performed by the HOA, as will all other maintenance of the common areas.

Our community manager, April, says there will probably be one day during the paving when the street will be blocked off from about 9 am to 4 pm. She expects they will give us advance notice so you can park outside the street by 7 am, to avoid getting trapped inside and unable to drive to work or elsewhere.


  • (10/8/12) Street paved by M.T. Laney Company, Inc, Eldersburg, MD.
  • (11/19/12) Guest parking spaces striped.

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