Monday, September 24, 2012

Emerson HOA Notes 9/24/12

Update 10/30/12: Corrected number of open positions; there will be three Emerson Directors elected to two-year terms.

Highlights from the meeting of the Emerson Master HOA Board of Directors on 9/24/12:

  • Emerson Elections on 11/26/12
  • Board approved installation of new pet station for dog waste on Palace Hall
  • Pool rules will be revised next season to deal with overcrowding
  • Upcoming activities include Halloween Parade on 10/27/12 and Holiday Open House
  • Reinspections for architectural covenants are beginning
  • Stephens Manor may be torn down
  • Safety Committee meetings will change to less frequent quarterly schedule 

  • Emerson elections will be held at Annual Meeting on 11/26. Will likely be one [correction: three 2-year] openings for total of five Board Members. Currently of the four directors, one represents the Developer (Howard Hughes Corp.) and one is appointed by Developer.
    • 10/12/12: Call for nominations mailed to community.
    • 10/26/12: Nominations close. (Require 20 signatures from homeowners in good standing)
    • 11/12/12: Formal notice of candidates.
    • 11/26/12: Annual Meeting and Election @ 7 pm in Emerson Clubhouse.
  • Board approved installation of a new pet station on Palace Hall & Skylark with plastic bags for dog waste
    • These are emptied by Brickman
    • Two more stations will be suggested to the sub-association for Haddon Hall, another possibly in Wallington
    • Cost of stations is $485 each plus recurring costs to stock with bags and empty them
  • Pool Rules are in the process of being revised for next season due to overcrowding; after study, they will be reconsidered in January. Major proposed changes:
    • Reducing guest limit per visit from current 10 per membership.
    • Members will be required to stay with their guests while at pool.
    • Guests must have a pass in the pool area, even if not swimming.
    • Pool membership rose from 1192 (2011) to 1612 (2012), with some days having 300 visitors. This was the first year that the pool was open past Labor Day (4 days).
  • Activities:
    • New Assistant Community Manager (Steven Clark) hired by CMC. Will also take lead in coordinating activities.
    • (10/27/12) Children's Fall Festival from 12 pm - 1 pm: Arts & Crafts from 12:00 - 12:30 pm; Halloween Costume Parade at 12:30 pm. Candy and treats will be provided. Rain date is 10/28.
    • (TBD) Holiday Open House: Santa and Elves will be present, available for parents to take pictures.
    • Several residents are stepping up to be on the Activities Committee.
    • Need a Communications Committee to advise the Board on how to get the word out about activities (e.g., signs).
    • Annual National Night Out on 8/7/12 was a success with 300-400 residents. Dreyer's donated 800 pieces of ice cream. Rented popcorn and cotton candy machines for $35 each.
    • Adult Pool Party on 9/14/12 organized by Robin, Jovanne, and David was successful, but 100 RSVP'ed and only 54 attended causing them to overbuy food.
  • Reinspections are slightly late but will begin next Wednesday (9/26/12). Will look for violations of covenants.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Resident asked about status of Stephens Manor and whether it can be turned into community center
      • Owned by Developer (Howard Hughes Corp.)
      • In bad shape, would probably cost $1.5M to repair
      • While historic, it does not have protected status and may be torn down, but developer has not decided this
      • Timeline not determined
    • Paying HOA assessments
      • Email sent to community was to inform residents about direct debit option. No action needed if already in place. Credit card payment also accepted, but there is a hefty third party service charge.
      • Delinquency rates have improved significantly. CMC attributes it to switch to monthly payment schedule.
    • Safety Committee
      • Feels like information is getting out via the email newsletter and can meet less frequently
      • Will change to quarterly schedule for meetings (10/9/12, then January, April, July, October schedule)

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