Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Emerson Master HOA: Notes July 2012

Note: This post does not contain formal notes from the meeting, but is intended only to flag Autumn Walk residents of items of interest from the larger Emerson Master HOA.

Topics from the Emerson Master HOA Meeting on 7/23/12 (for details, see the full post below or contact Emerson):
  • National Night Out
  • Annual Pool Party (June)
  • Skylark Boulevard
  • HOA Fees
  • Alternate Fence Designs & Architectural Review
  • Emerson Clubhouse
  • Next Meeting: September 24, 2012 at 7 pm in the Clubhouse

Detailed Notes:
  • Asked for volunteers for the annual National Night Out (Crime/Safety Awareness) on 8/7/12
    • Need to pass out donated ice cream and other items
    • Expect to have moonbounce, fire trucks, and local elected officials including Howard County Executive
    • If you want to get the Emerson Security Patrol reports via email, sign up with Valerie Robinette
  • Board reported that the June 9th Annual Pool Party was a success with over 900 attendees
  • One Board Member would like for Board to actively check the status of the extension of Skylark Boulevard to MD-216
  • One resident had a personal issue with HOA fees; was sent to collection lawyer while they were out of the country for a few months (will be addressed off-line with Emerson Board)
    • Emerson fee schedule changed from quarterly to monthly while they were gone
    • Emerson was trying to make it easier to pay, many houses are delinquent
    • When the recession hit, they cut costs but still had to raise the assessment rate to balance the budget
  • One household had submitted a detailed proposal in March for alternate fence designs for their neighborhood, which was denied
    • Current design is difficult to maintain and has other issues
    • Told if they want to appeal, they should get together a petition for a special meeting on the issue
    • Systematic architectural & covenants review of the entire Community is underway now, takes months to complete
  • Clubhouse:
    • Board had received a for-profit Zumba class proposal at Clubhouse. After discussion this was turned down.
    • Board authorized installation of lockers for leaving items while swimming in pool.

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