Monday, August 27, 2012

Autumn Walk is Now on Facebook!

Thanks go out to Sam Morgan in 9834, who has set up a Facebook page for us to use as a controlled forum for discussions within the community. The cover photo came from Randy Ransier in 9858 (the rainbow, by the way, was real!).

In order to encourage the free exchange of information, the privacy settings have been set at a level so that only residents who "friend" Autumn Walk can see and post to the page.

Please recommend that other residents "friend" Autumn Walk Emerson (

We hope this will serve as a valuable supplement to this blog in helping our residents connect, get to know each other, and help each other out!

Possible topics:

  • Social: discussions and ideas for social events
  • Recreation: queries and suggestions on places to eat, play, work out, etc.
  • Issues: Problems that may be of general interest (posts might be deleted later if the issue is resolved permanently)

If you have any other ideas for the community, please let us know! (Or better yet -- post on Facebook!)

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