Thursday, May 16, 2013

Architectural Review and Landscaping Changes

We've received quite a few architectural inquiries from Autumn Walk residents in the past few weeks.
  • Landscaping Changes (private yards)
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Common Area Changes
In summary, Emerson Master HOA is responsible for reviewing architectural changes and enforcing covenants.

Our Common Area, however, falls under the purview of the Autumn Walk Board.

Landscaping Changes

For changes to the landscaping in private yards (for example, the area in front of your home), we are deferring to Emerson Master HOA since as the bylaws are written, they are enforced by Emerson.

If you have a project that affects the exterior of your home, please review the bylaws to determine what is covered and the restrictions that are in place.

To submit a proposed change for approval, please download an application from the Emerson web site.

Covenant Enforcement

If you believe that there is an issue that violates the covenants, please refer it to Emerson via the Community Manager in the Clubhouse, Community Management Corporation (CMC). It often helps if you can describe the issue and location exactly and provide a photo.

Emerson Master HOA reviews all properties in Emerson once a year and issues violation notices.

Common Area Changes

There are three issues with the Common Area: repairs, proposed changes, and beautification.

1. If you see something in the Autumn Walk common areas that needs to be repaired, please contact us at autumnwalkhoa (at) The Board is currently discussing whether to maintain the property exactly as it was delivered by the Builder, or if we might simply remove dead trees and other elements in disrepair.

2. If something in the common area affects your property and you would like to propose changes, please let us know. However, we are going to defer setting up a process until the new Board is elected.

3. Longer term, we will need to establish a process for deciding how to maintain or improve the common areas, including potential beautification projects.

Governing Documents

We only have scanned copies have scanned copies of the governing documents, so the files are very large. We will post them if we can find a way to host them on a protected server.
  • Autumn Walk Bylaws (pp. 1-115) - 52 MB
  • Autumn Walk Bylaws (pp. 116-162) - Architectural Covenants - 5 MB
  • Emerson Bylaws - 33 MB

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