Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 Autumn Walk Picnic (with Photos)

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Thanks to everyone for making the 2014 Autumn Walk Picnic a success!

Hosts Adrienne and Jamie decorated their houses and organized the set-up of tables, chairs, coolers, and even a pop-up tent, as well as coordinating replies from the neighborhood.

Bindu, Daphna, and Pam also helped with the planning, fliers, shopping and grilling, and around 40 adults and 40 children came bringing potluck contributions!

With the addition of hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs purchased by Autumn Walk HOA, we had more food and drink than we could possibly consume.

The weather was beautiful, and if anything was a little too sunny in the early afternoon as early arrivals sat in the opened garages.

Jamie set up a table on the shady side of the street and painted beautiful designs chosen from her picture catalog on the faces of the kids as some of the adults played cornhole.

The picnic peaked when Adrienne brought out water balloons as the kids literally jumped with excitement. A couple of rounds of water balloon toss somehow devolved into a happy water balloon fight.

Then after a few hours of fun, food and games everyone pitched in and helped to quickly break everything down and gather up the trash, though some conversations lingered even after the food was gone.

We hope that all of you are looking forward to doing this again next year and meeting your neighbors in an atmosphere of fun and fellowship. Better yet, we may still have some days warm enough for you to host a more informal Flamingo Friday.

Coming Next:

Plans are in the works for another Halloween Block Party with a Chili Cook-Off (with tastings and voting), so stay tuned!

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Bring Out Your Chili Recipes!  

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Like last year, we'll converge on a set of houses to socialize while handing out candy on Halloween! More details will be coming as they develop!

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