Monday, November 3, 2014

A Great Halloween - Part 1

Thanks to everyone who made Halloween a success!

Special thanks go out to Allie and Daphna as the hosts, and to everyone who made an entry in the chili contest: Amy, Andrea, Bindu, Cindy, Daphna, Jamie, Kelli S., Kelly H., Kelly R., Maria, and Stephanie.

All of the chili dishes were terrific and it was hard choosing which ones to vote for. The balloting was very close but Bindu's won in the vegetarian category and Maria's won in the meat category.

So many neighbors and visitors came that I lost track of them. Early on I thought the kids from our street were just going to keep circling the candy bowls but eventually they headed out for other neighborhoods.

We also were extremely fortunate on the weather, as Halloween was a cool and dry Fall day but the next day would drop 20 degrees and turn blustery. (And all the tombstones blew away!)

A few more pictures are posted below (more will be in another post and on Facebook):

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