Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why Is Emerson Using VOLO Village?

(Update 2/26/15: Emerson has clarified that your email information is not automatically transferred into your VOLO Village account, and they are requesting your help.

Please log into your account so they can get rid of the old mailing list. It will make it much easier for the management team to keep you informed and you will also have the option to get real-time alerts about emergency situations, such as gas leaks.)

Please contact CMC Management in the Emerson Clubhouse if you have lost your login information (sfelder at cmc-management dot com).

You should have recently gotten a letter from Emerson HOA with login information for VOLO Village. To clarify the purpose of this service:

  • VOLO Village allows Emerson to quickly and efficiently send out emails, text messages, and phone calls to everyone in the community
  • You only need to log in to choose which types of messages you want, and update your contact information. It's not a portal you need to log into frequently.

It's just a fast means for Emerson to pass information to you, especially emergency notifications (e.g., tornado warnings) which you can also choose to receive through the automatic Thundercall service.

We suggest you do the following:
  1. Log in to the VOLO Village Portal using the login name and password mailed to you (VOLO Village is also under the Emerson links on the righthand sidebar of this site)
  2. On the Portal Menu:
    1. Login Info
      1. Change your login name and password
    2. Contact Info
      1. Check that this info is accurate and add any phone numbers and email addresses you want Emerson to use
    3. My Addresses
      1. Verify and/or add addresses
    4. Thundercall
      1. Select emergency notifications by event (tornados, flash floods, etc.) and type (call, text, email)

For most of you, that's it!

You can look at the other options, but Emerson chose to contract for this system because it reduces the workload for the community managers while ensuring that information reaches all of you.

So please log in and select your preferences!

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