Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Georgetown Cupcake

It's not often that we highlight a business 30 minutes away (in DC Beltway-years) -- but then not every cupcake shop has its own national cable TV show (DC Cupcakes on TLC).

Georgetown Cupcake was started in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. by two sisters who decided at the beginning of the gourmet cupcake trend to create cupcakes with a fanatical devotion to finding the finest ingredients.

A second store was opened in Bethesda, MD (not coincidentally, near Discovery Channel headquarters, the parent of TLC).

The stores have now gone national as well, selectively expanding to open single locations in New York City (Soho, with a small auxiliary outpost in Times Square), Boston, L.A., and soon, Atlanta. They also ship nationally.

There's only one more thing we can do over the Internet, and that's show you some pictures and assure you that: Yes...yes, they ARE that good.

The Bethesda shop is 30 minutes away via the DC Beltway. ;)

Flavors vary by the day and month...and in this case, there were seasonal
varieties for the holidays!

(Your best bet at the Bethesda store is to go on the weekends when traffic is lighter and parking is free in the Montgomery County garage across the street.)

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