Thursday, June 4, 2015

Proxies Needed for Autumn Walk Annual Meeting Mon. 6/15

Please remember that we need a quorum of 12 houses for the Autumn Walk Annual Meeting and Elections on June 15th, 2015!

If you cannot attend, please fill out and return the proxy forms that you received in the mail.

You can choose to have your proxy simply count against the quorum or you can opt to designate someone who will be present to vote on your behalf.

The meeting will not be valid unless quorum is met, so please help us!

Meeting Agenda

7:00 PM: Member Sign In and Certification of Proxies
7:05 PM: Quorum Established
7:06 PM: Call to Order and Introductions
7:08 PM: Current Financial Review
7:15 PM: President's Report (overview of community related topics)
7:30 PM: Election
  • Announcement of current nominees
  • Call for nominees from Floor
  • Words form nominees
  • Offical Vote
  • New Board Member(s) announced

7:45 PM: Open Forum for Community Concerns
8:00 PM: Meeting Adjourned

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