Monday, September 24, 2012

Emerson HOA Notes 9/24/12

Update 10/30/12: Corrected number of open positions; there will be three Emerson Directors elected to two-year terms.

Highlights from the meeting of the Emerson Master HOA Board of Directors on 9/24/12:

  • Emerson Elections on 11/26/12
  • Board approved installation of new pet station for dog waste on Palace Hall
  • Pool rules will be revised next season to deal with overcrowding
  • Upcoming activities include Halloween Parade on 10/27/12 and Holiday Open House
  • Reinspections for architectural covenants are beginning
  • Stephens Manor may be torn down
  • Safety Committee meetings will change to less frequent quarterly schedule 

Friday, September 14, 2012

History: Howard County Schools

Probably all of us moved to Autumn Walk at least in part because of the highly-rated Howard County school system. But did you know that this ranking is the direct result of a conscious decision by the Rouse Company 60 years ago, to systematically create a high-performing school system as part of their vision for Columbia?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Picnic Report: Rain Couldn't Stop the Party!

I think we can unequivocally say that despite the best efforts of the weather sprites, the Autumn Walk Picnic was a success -- and it was a true community effort!

The theme of the day became "adapt and have fun," and the result was great food, great fellowship, and late-night kibitzing (yes, in the rain) long after the party formally ended. The proof is in the pictures on the Autumn Walk Facebook page.

Early in the afternoon, the high winds shredded the canopy we tried to put up even as the forecast called for heavy rain. But a "Plan B" was developed on the fly and the residents of the corner of the cul-de-sac opened their garages to get us under cover, and we were on!

By the numbers:
  • 28 of 45 houses were present.
  • Roughly 50 adults and 25 children were able to attend at least part of the picnic.
  • Fully a quarter of the houses in Autumn Walk actively participated in the planning and organization of the picnic, or stepped up at the last minute when plans changed on the fly.
  • Everyone brought something to the potluck (with massive amounts left over), and both Dr. & Mrs. Kim (9851) and CAS (our management company) donated $50 even though they couldn't be there.
  • Donated prizes included three $15 iTunes gift cards (door prizes), cupcakes (kids' cakewalk), and blow-up globes for the kids. Door prize winners were Adrienne (9846), Callie (9831), and Jenny (9847).*
  • Because of the many contributions we will be returning $100 to the Autumn Walk treasury for future events, meaning the event cost the HOA a grand total of $50.
  • A memorable sight for me was to see a half dozen kids splashing happily in a large puddle, proving that sometimes the greatest pleasures are the simplest.

So many people contributed that it's impossible to acknowledge everyone, but special thanks must go out to:

1. The organizing committee: 
  • Bindu (9811)
  • Carlo (9821)
  • Sam & Daphna (9834)
  • Adrienne (9846)
  • Jenny (9847)
  • Fred (9854)
...particularly the lead buyer (Bindu and her husband Dharmesh), the "IT and DJ guy" (Sam), the equipment manager (Adrienne), and the children's games coordinator (Jenny and her daughter Sammy).

2. The grillmasters (who got drenched as the rains started just as they fired up the grills):
  • Dharmesh (9811) - veggie burgers
  • Randy (9858) - burgers and dogs (grilling from his deck)
  • Kennedy (9862) - burgers and dogs (grilling from his deck)
  • Charles (9852) also brought his grill to do the final batches so Carlo wouldn't need to truck his down the street

3. The last-minute garage hosts:
  • Fred (9854)
  • Randy & Kelly (9858)
  • Alice (9860)
  • Kennedy & Megan (9862)

4. Photographers who spent so much of their socializing time documenting the event instead:
  • Amy (9806)
  • Jamie (9848)

5. Even though the rains prevented us from playing, Joe and Allie (9832) brought their cornhole games in addition to Texas caviar and coolers filled with ice 

6. An army of folks helped with set-up and especially clean up, which is usually the least fun part of the job.

Hopefully we will have many more opportunities to meet each other. Join the conversation on our Facebook page, and if you have ideas for some fun events, please bring them up there or contact us!

The bonds established at the picnic are a first small step to becoming a true community, and not just an accidental collection of houses.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks once again for a job well done!

* No, the door prize drawings weren't rigged, unless someone managed to corrupt the 4-year-olds pulling the entries from the bowl. The fact that so many committee members won was a function of the fact that so many households were involved in organizing the event! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Builder Materials

Note: This post is being published in raw form so you can see where we still need assistance. If you can complete or correct the information here, please let us know! Without a joint effort, this probably won't improve beyond this state.

Last Update: 7/3/15

If you've ever tried to perform a repair or renovation on a house after it was built, you know how difficult it can be to get information about the original materials.

This page will be used to consolidate the list of materials, models, sizes, and colors used by M&S when our community was built.

Please help us by providing information about materials you may be familiar with!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Picnic Next Weekend!

The Autumn Walk Picnic is next weekend!

Date: Saturday, September 8
Time: 4 pm - 7 pm

(Note: if we have to change to the rain date on Sunday, the schedule will shift up by 2 hours)

If you haven't already done so, please RSVP to the invitation in your email, especially if you can provide potluck items!

  • We still need help with set-up and clean-up; also need to borrow trash and recycle cans
  • Plans call for blocking off the end of the cul-de-sac, which will restrict access for residents. If you can, please park your cars in your driveway to keep the street clear. Please let us know if this is a problem.
  • Schedule of events is below
  • Photos will be posted afterwards to the Autumn Walk residents-only Facebook page (access restricted to residents who have "friended" Autumn Walk)

Autumn Walk HOA will be providing hamburgers and hot dogs, and our management company CAS, Inc. has given us a generous welcome gift as well.

Please come out, have fun, and meet the neighbors!

Tentative Schedule of Events (Details May Change) - Saturday, September 8: