Thursday, April 12, 2018

No Front Footage Fees!

What's a front footage fee, and why should we be glad we don't have one in Autumn Walk?

What Are Front Footage Fees?
When new communities are built, often water and sewer lines have to be extended to the new homes.

In some cases the cost of this infrastructure is just incorporated into the cost of the property when it's sold to the homeowner, without additional charges -- as is the case with our street, Garden Ranges!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Autumn Walk Spring Clean-Up

The Annual Spring Clean-Up was finished today!

The Autumn Walk Spring Clean-Up is a valued benefit of our landscaping contract. In 2013 we extended the contract for maintaining the Common Areas to cover our private yards as well.

Although this resulted in our HOA fees rising by $15/month, we have been able to keep dues stable for the past 5 years even as the cost of the contract has risen slightly with inflation each year, while still practicing sound financial management.

As a reminder, the contract now covers mowing and trimming of our yards throughout the Summer, as well as a one-time Clean-Up of all houses in the late Winter and early Spring, and three leaf removals in the Fall.

(The rest of the year we are all responsible for pulling weeds in our front yards, trimming our bushes, and other maintenance.)

This year, the schedule of services for the Clean-Up has been: