Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Autumn Walk Landscaping Update 11/14/17

In response to some inquiries about leaf removal, here is a landscaping update.

Tammy from the Autumn Walk Board met with the landscaping supervisor on Tuesday 11/14/17:

1. They will be out next week for leaf removal.

  • They are removing later this year because the trees have been slow to shed.
  • They will do a lighter clean up again early December.
  • Now that a frost has hit the leaves should really start falling. 
 2. Work on the middle island should begin this week.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Minutes: Autumn Walk 2017 Annual Meeting - Draft

The 2017 Autumn Walk HOA Annual Meeting was held on Oct. 30, 2017.

  • HOA is in strong financial shape, ahead of schedule in saving Reserves
  • Monument Sign: Chose a design (see bottom) and will proceed to installation
  • Landscaping:
    • Need to spend $2100 to replace shrubs in small island
      • Possibly killed by dog waste, cannot proceed till this is addressed
    • Will defer maintenance/replacement of crepe myrtle trees/knockout rose on large island
    • Landscaping contract issues this year
      • Severely behind schedule early in year, inconsistent even later
      • Landscaper not identifying issues (such as the dead shrubs)
      • Have discussed with vendor, will monitor performance in final year of 3-year contract
    • Water problems coming from neighboring HOA addressed via Emerson HOA
      • Initially not noticed behind houses because Autumn Walk HOA is maintaining yards
  • Elections
    • Two positions with 2-year terms elected
    • 2018 Board:
      • President: Dharmesh Patel
      • Vice President: Fred Leong (also Secretary & Communications)
      • Member at Large: Tammy Penning

Friday, November 3, 2017

2017 Halloween Block Party and Chili Cook-Off

Many thanks go out to Allie for hosting the 5th Annual Halloween Block Party + Chili Cook-Off + Pumpkin Carving!

The events were held this year the weekend before Halloween due to schedule conflicts, but there was still a very nice turnout from the block and even a few neighboring streets.

A dedicated crew of kids started things off with pumpkin carving in the common area on Friday evening (with some kids a little bigger than others):