Sunday, July 8, 2018

Basketball Backboards Not Permitted in Townhomes

Emerson's bylaws do not permit basketball hoops in townhome communities at all, even if they are put away in the evenings. 

From the Emerson HOA Bylaws, certain types are permitted in single family homes but not townhomes:


A. General Considerations

1. Basketball backboards (both permanent and portable) must be located so as to minimize the impact of their appearance and noise on neighboring properties.

2. When locating basketball backboards, the size of the property, relationship to adjacent residences, and screening provided by existing and proposed structures and/or vegetation are important.

3. Pole-mounted backboards are recommended rather than building-mounted backboards.

4. Any addition of paving material also requires review and approval.

5. Townhomes: Basketball Backboards are not permitted in Townhome Communities due to the close proximity of units, and the potential negative acoustical impact.