Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Emerson HOA Election Results

Three Board members were chosen at the Emerson elections on 2/20/13. The candidates selected were:
  • John Jurgensen (new to Board)
  • Erica Root Cikanek (new to Board)
  • De Von Saunders (current Board President)

The rest of the meeting consisted of an open forum to ask questions of the prior Board while the results were tallied.
  • Fire lane issue: parked cars block fire trucks and hydrants
  • Howard County Councilwoman Jen Terrasa to be at NLCC on Thursday, 2/21/13 (info updated below 2/22/13 - this was a North Laurel Civic Association meeting to discuss Zoning issues)
  • Maintenance issues
  • Financial Questions
  • Request to establish a process for sub-HOAs to propose architectural changes
  • Neighborhood Composition
  • Elections


Monday, February 18, 2013

Heating Company Offer

Update 3/19/13: Notes are now posted on Facebook in our Warranties & Repairs page. The summary is: 
  • Your HVAC systems are warrantied for 1 year parts/labor from the date of settlement. 
  • Major parts are warrantied by the manufacturer for 5 years, but you can use any licensed dealer for repair. 
  • ARS is offering discounts to any residents in Emerson of 10%-15% on service plans and installations.
  • Otherwise, Aprilaire is recommending either the Model 600 (evaporative bypass) or Model 800 (steam) humidifiers. The latter costs about 4 times as much and also requires a 240VAC line.
Once again, Autumn Walk is not endorsing these services, these are personal notes presenting the information at the request of several homeowners. Thanks again to Jenny in 9847 for hosting!

The company that installed our Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) systems and is responsible for warranty repair in the first year, ARS, has offered to provide a presentation in a group setting in which Autumn Walk homeowners can ask questions.

This is in response to a large number of inquiries from residents on how to adjust the systems to warm up cold basements and address a lack of humidity in the winter months.

While Autumn Walk HOA is not endorsing ARS' services, we agreed to pass on their offer to residents. If there is sufficient interest, we will try to schedule a session. Possible topics:

  • How to maintain and adjust our heating/cooling systems
  • What service capabilities ARS provides
  • Possible presentation by Aprilaire (whole-house humidifier company)

If you are interested (or want to volunteer to coordinate this interaction) please reply to the HOA email or post on our Facebook page. Other topics and questions can also be passed along.

Emerson HOA Meeting Notes 1/28/2013

Notes from the Emerson Master HOA Meeting on 1/28/13:
  • Elections - Restart 2/20/13
  • Activities 
  • Safety Committee 
  • Closed Session: Financials, Architectural Covenants, Manager's Report, Pool (changes to operating hours and guest pass policies)


Howard County Officials: Visit to Emerson HOA on Jan. 28

Howard County officials were special guests at the last Emerson HOA meeting on 1/28/13 and answered questions from the community, mostly about traffic. Though Howard County Council Member Jen Terrasa was scheduled to attend, she was represented by members of her staff due to a late-running meeting.

Guests included Jo Ann Maxfield (Special Assistant to Ms. Terrasa) and Diane Schwarzman (Chief of Traffic Engineering and the County’s sole traffic engineer).

  • Extension of Skylark Blvd to MD-216 
  • Straightening Gorman Road 
  • Schools (including rezoning) 
  • Emerson Property Issues 
  • Sidewalks