Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Autumn Walk HOA Annual Meeting & Elections

Update 5/27/13: Please turn in your proxies!

We need to have at least 12 households represented at this meeting or else the elections cannot proceed. We also do not have any submitted candidates at this time so nominations will be taken from the floor.

The 2013 Autumn Walk Annual Meeting & Elections will be held on Monday, June 3, 2013 @ 7 pm in the Clubhouse. Please watch your mail for the official notice and nomination forms for candidates.

  • We will vote first on a proposal to expand the Board from 3 officers to 5. If approved, the Board will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-At-Large.
  • After the expansion vote, either one or three vacant positions will be elected to 2-year terms.
  • A quorum of 25% (12 owners) is required, so please attend or submit your proxies.

The quality of our community is very much dependent on volunteers! And this contributes directly toward maintaining your property values.

Though CAS does a great job as our community manager, we cannot afford full-time management so the Board must play an independent role in creating and monitoring the budget, overseeing the maintenance of the property, and taking a leading role in communications and social activities.

Thank you all for making this a great place to live, and we hope to see you at the Elections!

Flamingo Fridays!

(Updated 7/25/14 with the Optional Auxiliary Flamingo)

Daphna & Sam are hosting the first "Flamingo Friday" on May 10th at 7 pm (weather permitting).

Keep an eye peeled for the first appearance of The Pink Plastic Flamingo (aka PPF)!

Each week, if you see a Pink Plastic Flamingo perched in a yard in Autumn Walk, wander over to that neighbor’s house on Friday night between 7 pm and 9 pm for a couple of hours of casual socializing! You can bring the kids too.

If You Want to Host A Flamingo Friday:
  • Simply contact the Flamingo Keepers (Daphna or Allie) to borrow the bird. (See the newsletter, coming soon, for contact information.)
  • Plant it in your front yard by Tuesday of that week 
    • Note that you can now also get a second bird, the Optional Auxiliary Flamingo, to place closer to the entrance of the community to ensure that everyone knows to look for the Primary Flamingo in front of your house
  • The host provides soda, ice, glasses, silverware, napkins 
  • Return the bird within a few days of your Flamingo Friday event

Things to Keep in Mind If You’re A Guest:
  • Bring an appetizer if you can, but don’t worry if you can’t 
  • Bring your own beer & wine, the host will only provide soda 
  • The evening will be canceled if it’s raining from 6:30 pm on 
  • Circle the block at least once during the week to see if the PPF is out. 
  • If it is, be sure to tell your neighbors so they know there will be a Flamingo Friday in Autumn Walk!

Help establish a new community tradition by attending or hosting a Flamingo Friday...and most importantly, by having fun!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Emerson Yard Sale (Sat. 5/4/13)

Updated 4/25/13: The annual Emerson Community Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, May 4th from 8 am - 12 pm in the parking lot of the Emerson Clubhouse/Pool (8400 Upper Sky Way, Laurel, MD 20723).

The event is being advertised in local newspapers and will be held rain or shine.

Selling of items is open to residents of Emerson and if you wish to participate, the coordinator (Robyn) asks that you come out between 7 am - 7:30 am to help set up. (She requests that everything be ready when the event starts rather than trying to set up after the shoppers arrive.)

There are a few tables but if you have your own please bring it.

From the organizer, Robyn (4/25/13): 
  • After you have unloaded your cars, please park your vehicles along the side by the tennis courts. I am anticipating a lot of participants, both sellers and buyers. 
  • Advertisements have been placed with the Patuxent Publishing (Columbia Flier, Laurel Leader, Howard Co Times), the banner will be up in front of the Clubhouse, and signs will be placed at the major intersections into /around Emerson. The event will also be listed on Craigslist, as usual. 
  •  Please feel free to spread the word to any organizations you may belong to, more shoppers-- more the merrier. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 
Some suggestions: 
  • Bring plenty of change and might want to bring plastic/shopping bags for buyers. 
  • We will be shutting down the event promptly at noon on Sat. so please make arrangements to pack your items, should they not they not sell.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mowing Has Started in Autumn Walk

Brickman has started routine maintenance of Autumn Walk for the 2013 season, with the first mowing and trimming conducted today.

The contract is supposed to include mowing and trimming of the fenced backyards too, if you leave your gate unlocked, and you don't have pets in the yard. Please lock it and post a sign if you have a temporary reason that you don't want the service performed.

Also, most of you probably saw that they applied pesticide a couple of weeks ago. We added this service to the contract in order to cover grub infestation, since it has to be applied to the entire property to be effective.

Please help us and the contractor and let us know if you see anything that got missed. Keeping our neighborhood clean, tidy, and clear of pet waste and trash has a large effect on maintaining our property values and quality of life!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Konterra Development News

Some of you may know that a developer has been planning for many years to build a high-end mall at the intersection of I-95 and MD-200 (the Intercounty Connector, or ICC) as part of an ambitious mixed-use (office, residential, and retail) project called Konterra.