Monday, February 18, 2013

Emerson HOA Meeting Notes 1/28/2013

Notes from the Emerson Master HOA Meeting on 1/28/13:
  • Elections - Restart 2/20/13
  • Activities 
  • Safety Committee 
  • Closed Session: Financials, Architectural Covenants, Manager's Report, Pool (changes to operating hours and guest pass policies)


  1. Elections 
    1. Question was asked why the election process started over 
      1. Original call for nominations included a deadline 
      2. Although the deadline was administrative, two of the three candidates submitted after deadline and this was noticed when the packets went out 
      3. So decided to start over to make sure in compliance 
    2. For February 20th Elections: 
      1. Need 168 proxies or will need to postpone again (plus two Class C, or commercial, proxies) 
      2. Four candidates for three positions 
        1. All in good standing 
        2. All had 20 valid signatures 
  2. Activities 
    1. Holiday Open House 12/8/12 was great success 
      1. 176 RSVPs, 100 attended 
      2. Jazz Band from Murray Hill performed 
    2. Adult Game Night was 1/12/13 
      1. Turnout was light, probably because of football game on TV 
      2. Next Adult Night is Pool Party in July 
    3. Egg Hunt will be Saturday 3/30/13 
      1. Hunt will be in Sterling Park 
      2. Easter Bunny will come 
    4. Emerson Pool Party 7/8/13 
      1. This is Emerson’s big social event 
      2. Staff beginning preparations, seeking volunteers 
      3. Murray Hill Jazz Band will play 
  3. Safety Committee 
    1. Now meeting quarterly, with good turnout at January meeting 
    2. Next meeting Tuesday 4/16/13 
  4. Floor closed - Board discussion 
    1. Financials 
      1. Delinquency rate improved, but still too high 
        1. Need to cut in half 
        2. Lawyer is helping enforcement (was not enforced in past, but clear message it will be now) 
      2. Opened sweep account to protect HOAs funds due to new $250K cap in FDIC insurance 
      3. Associa (parent of CMC, the management firm) is converting to electronic bill payment 
      4. Question from Board on Builder initial contributions 
        1. Builders estimate lots they will sell 
        2. Builders sold more than expected, but no net effect (income comes from new residents instead) 
        3. Still a few lots on Shaded Day, but residential mostly all built out 
      5. Discussion of $200K reserve 
        1. Financial consultant recommended laddered bonds 
        2. Considered pre-paying loan: balloon payment $2M due in 2016 
        3. Decided to invest in laddered bonds 2013-2015 
    2. Architectural Covenants 
      1. Many of the issues cited have been addressed and closed out 
        1. Letters were issued for violations in November 
        2. By February or March will start having hearings, important for homeowners to realize they can ask for extensions 
        3. Many remaining issues are small and may be affected by weather (e.g., painting shutters) 
        4. For Hurricane Sandy, they decided to relax the citations 
          1. Sent friendly reminders 
          2. If not addressed by Spring, will become violations 
      2. Architect checks every home in Emerson section-by-section 
        1. Means Board must deal with them year-round 
    3. Manager's Report 
      1. Pipe going to hose bib burst, water pouring into Men’s Restroom in clubhouse
        1. Emergency repairs required
        2. Will check if insurance will cover
      2. Clubhouse seems to have many repair issues 
        1. Poor initial construction, but believe the major issues have been addressed over the past few years
      3. Also no heat in clubhouse for a week, difficult for CMC staff there 
      4. Proposed refreshing decor of Clubhouse 
        1. Scheduled for 2015 but want to do now (July or later) 
        2. Seek community volunteers 
      5. Discussion of issue of sinkhole under a sidewalk 
        1. HOA thought this was responsibility of homeowners to repair 
        2. One homeowner called the County who said they would repair 
        3. Temporary asphalt patch already failing 
        4. Unclear of the underlying cause 
        5. Need to resolve responsibility (homeowner, HOA, County) 
    4. Pool 
      1. Increasing pool hours; CMC giving Board different options 
        1. In general will open later but proposed opening later too 
      2. Pool Parties and Guest Passes 
        1. Recommendation to reduce number of pool guest passes 
          1. Clarification: not to reduce 10 given to community, but reduce number allowed at one time to perhaps 4 
          2. Also one nanny pass per household 
        2. In general trying to find a way to allow pool parties while reducing impact on other patrons 
          1. Also guards are not able to effectively monitor 
          2. Various rules proposed 
          3. Probably will try to have them register, cordon off area near baby pool 
          4. Require adult homeowners to be present

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