Thursday, November 29, 2012

Autumn Walk Snow, Maintenance & Final Handover

Update 12/22/12: Howard County informed us that we are not on the dedication schedule for February, so it will be March or April before the County takes over maintenance of the street. So we have even more reason to be thankful to Miller & Smith for handling the snow plowing one last winter season!

Lots of news about the community. The highlights:

  • Snow plowing will be covered by Miller & Smith!
  • 3-year Contract for Full Mowing
  • Final handover of community (punch list)

  1. Many, many thanks to Miller & Smith, who will pick up snow plowing for our street one final winter
    1. As you know if you attended the HOA meeting, the County is not scheduled to consider accepting our street till February at the earliest, in the heart of the snow season. So Miller & Smith's offer relieves us of a significant concern.
    2. The HOA and individual homeowners are still responsible for sidewalks, driveways, and the guest parking space.
    3. Updated details will be added to the snow post below.
  2. The Board has voted unanimously to accept a 3-year proposal for full mowing from our current contractor on Monday
    1. We are letting you know in advance in the interest of full transparency and because three years is a long time to bind the community
    2. The contract can be terminated if service deteriorates, but we do not want to do so without cause.
    3. Signing up for a three-year term gives us a lower rate and holds the cost steady the first two years, with a slight increase in the third year, keeping the budget and fees stable.
    4. The same contractor will also handle snow removal duties this winter for just sidewalks by the parking spaces and mailboxes. The contract kicks in whenever certain thresholds for snow and ice are exceeded.
    5. Update 12/22/12: We have elected to add grub treatments next Spring to improve the condition of our lawns, and reduce the incidence of animals digging for them.
  3. We are in the final stages of the handover from Miller & Smith. Please check your e-mail for the final punch list.
    1. Please let us know if there are additional items.
    2. Some items belong to a neighboring community but affect us; some we hope will be addressed by Miller & Smith; and the remainder will have to be addressed by Autumn Walk.
    3. We will need to prioritize this fairly lengthy list. Autumn Walk is in excellent shape but we want to make sure it stays that way, and that it is easily maintainable into the future.

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