Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Emerson News: New BoD Nominations; Yard Waste

  • Nominations have Re-Opened for Emerson Board
  • Elections Postponed Till February
  • Last Chance for Christmas Trees: This Week
  • Possible Snow

1. In case you missed it, Emerson has re-opened the nomination process for Board of Director positions. If you or anyone else wants to run for one of the three open positions, you must submit your nomination form with signatures from 20 households in Emerson by Wednesday, 1/23/13.

During the cancelled November 26th election, the three candidates were running unopposed.

2. The Elections have been postponed to Wednesday, 2/20/13.

3. Finally, in unrelated news, this is the last week that Howard County will pick up yard waste at the curb -- in particular, Christmas trees (which must be stripped of tinsel and decorations).
  • Note that the yard waste truck is separate from the regular recycling truck and may come at a different time.
  • After the third week in January, it's possible you can still take your trees yourself to the Howard County landfill on Marriottsville Road.
4. The forecast calls for light snow Thursday evening, perhaps up to 2" of accumulation. The Autumn Walk Board signed a contract to clear the sidewalks by the parking spaces and mailboxes. All other walks and driveways are the responsibility of individual homeowners. Miller & Smith is responsible for plowing the street one last season.

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