Friday, July 26, 2013

Emerson Master HOA Notes 7/22/13

Highlights of the Emerson Master HOA meeting held in the Clubhouse on 7/22/13:
  • School redistricting in October
  • Wincopia Farms
  • Sidewalks
  • Activities
  • Architectural reviews
  • Emerson map

  1. New plantings installed at Palace Hall to beautify the entrance.
  2. Financial Committee asked for volunteers last month, but need three members to be a committee and one volunteer is trying to determine if they have a conflict of interest.
  3. Resident asks whether Emerson is willing to request that Howard County keep the community together in the redistricting scheduled to be finalized Oct. 24th. Potentially would split middle schools (Murray Hill vs. Patuxent Valley) and high schools (Atholton vs. Hammond).
    1. Howard County will accept and acknowledge testimony via email, not verbally.
  4. Suggestion that Emerson consider refinancing loan while rates are low, versus when balloon payment comes due in September 2015. Board will discuss at last meeting.
  5. Wincopia Farms scheduled to begin building 220 units next year.
  6. Discussion about building sidewalks in the Wallington area of Emerson (near Stephens Road).
  7. Developer must complete obligations for which they are bonded when the last commercial properties (one on east side of I-95 near Gorman; one on west side of I-95; one at end of Palace Hall) are completed. Not able to find interest right now, though speculation that Palace Hall would support another senior community.
  8. Activities:
    1. Picnic was a big success, with 836 attending plus 148 walk-ups allowed to enter after 2 pm. But had 25% no-shows so need to address (costs money to buy food and supplies).
    2. Movie Night was cancelled due to lightning. Will try again on Aug. 9th. Clubhouse not big enough to host if weather bad again. Have to pay for movie, etc., drinks can carry over.
    3. Will begin planning Halloween Costume Event soon.
    4. Adult Pool Night and National Night Out (ice cream social) cancelled. North Laurel Community Center (NLCC) is having National Night Out (security awareness) event on Tues. Aug. 6th.
  9. Financial discussions
    1. Will move more money into Reserve.
    2. Delinquencies stable but still higher than target.
    3. Audit underway.
  10. Architectural Review
    1. Reviews completed, including Palace Hall area. Reviews are performed by section.
    2. Notices went out, many of them last week.
    3. Board has hearings for outstanding covenant issues. Last month's were all resolved, may have more hearings in September.
    4. CMC performs all reinspections to confirm compliance.
  11. Pool
    1. Overall much fewer issues than last year
    2. Board comments they would like to see lifeguards enforce rules more assertively
    3. Some issues last week were addressed immediately, don't expect recurrence
    4. Some discussion about sandlot (washing sand off before entering pool, etc.)
  12. Board approves fence requested by the developer of Sterling Drive area. Discussion of maintenance outside of fence, Emerson will require that items outside of the agreement be submitted for pre-approval before authorizing work.
  13. Discussion of Clubhouse renovation deferred
    1. Only received one bidder, expect a second decorator to provide a quote for design
  14. Emerson map
    1. Initial updates provided by the artist who created the original map for the Developer
    2. Board and CMC had comments and corrections
    3. Will not show sub-communities; perhaps an overlay later
    4. Miscellaneous comments:
      1. Walking path near Streamwood was requested of Howard County Recreation and Parks by the residents.
      2. Wetlands was a farm pond Developer required to maintain or expand.
      3. First focal point is the Stephens Mansion. Second focal point no longer exists, was the "Little Mansion" that was torn down.
      4. Discussion of whether to mark private roads not maintained by the County.
      5. Once changes are made and approved, will discuss how to make a large map for display.

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