Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Savage Mill Photo Album

Just down the road from Autumn Walk and Emerson, Savage Mill was established in 1822 as a textile factory using water from the Little Patuxent River running over a 30-foot water wheel to provide the power for machines to weave cloth.

The mills mostly produced canvas used for sails, tents, cots, and even painted silent movie backdrops over a period of 125 years, finally shutting down shortly after World War II as demand declined.

In the 1980's Savage Mill was renovated into a collection of shops with a focus on artists, crafts, and antiques.

Stairs leading down to the Ram's Head cellar bar, with the
dining room upstairs

The Great Room is rented for events

Terrapin Adventures

The 1-mile Savage Mill Trail

The Savage Mill Trail crosses the Little Patuxent River on the
historic 1869 Bollman Iron Truss Bridge

Savage Mill and the Bollman Iron Truss Bridge lit up at Christmas


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