Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gorman Road Repaving Project

It looks like Howard County decided to go whole hog on Gorman Road this summer...in addition to the reconstruction and straightening of the closed section near Wincopia Farms, this week milling and repaving started on the almost 2-mile stretch between the I-95 overpass and Route 1.

After two days the top layer of asphalt has been milled down for about half of this segment of road on the eastbound side, leaving grooved pavement behind. No word on how long it will take to finish the job.

As of 7/8/14, the County also had not posted any updates on the section of Gorman Road closed for improvements, on either their web site or to the recorded phone number (410-313-3637).

(Update 7/23/14)
After two weeks the repaving project has now milled down the pavement in both directions all the way to Route 1 and has also prepared one of the side streets, Freestate Drive running past CarMax and the Weis Supermarket Plaza.

The vehicle used to do this work sits on metal treads with the milling machinery underneath. The broken asphalt is carried up and forward on a conveyer belt where it is deposited into a rubbish bin.

They've now begun laying down new asphalt on Gorman Road eastbound starting from the I-95 bridge and have completed the road on one side down to the Savage Branch library.

(Update 8/1/14)

In the third week of work the road crews focused on finishing out the section of Gorman Road between the I-95 bridge and Foundry Street (Savage Mill), especially the shoulders and turn lanes. At this point this segment is mostly completed though the striping is still temporary.

You can see that a lot of the side streets have been milled down also, in particular Freestate Drive and Knights Bridge Road.

(Update 8/3/14)

Replacing of the side streets has started, beginning with Shantha Court and Jeanne Court across from Forest Ridge Elementary School and proceeding eastward along Gorman.

(Update 8/7/14)

Most of the paving on Gorman Road itself has been completed, including the intersection at US-1 (where they laid down the traffic light sensors last week). Paving is continuing on the side streets.

Wire loops were laid down last week on the milled-down pavement
to sense cars, then painted over with tar prior to applying new asphalt

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