Monday, April 13, 2015

Emerson Annual Comprehensive Inspections Begin April 14

Emerson's annual comprehensive inspection of properties within the community for compliance with the bylaws will begin on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

On a side note: 
Emerson's on-site CMC management team will also be inspecting sidewalks and asphalt in the common areas for cracks, trip hazards, and other deficiencies between April 13 and April 24. 

They ask that you bring any such issues to their attention!

Comprehensive Annual Inspection
The Emerson Architect will systematically inspect all properties within Emerson on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis over the next few months, looking for both remediation of past issues as well as new violations of the covenants.

Mitigating Factors
Note that if you have mitigating factors that will prevent you from addressing past notices, you can contact Emerson's Assistant Community Manager via email, phone, or mail and she will work with you.

Inspection Plan
The Architect will begin with Walden Glen (single-family homes across from The Clubhouse) and then move on to Amberside (single-family homes next to Sterling Park), eventually completing all neighborhoods in Emerson.

Reference Material
You can find Emerson's Bylaws and a 2013 Map of the community in the Residents Only section of the Emerson web site (requires login).

For your convenience, I have also posted the following to Autumn Walk's restricted Warranties and Repairs Group on Facebook:

  • Autumn Walk 2011 Bylaws (in 3 parts due to file size limitations)
    • Section 3 (pp. 116-145) contains the Architectural Guidelines
  • Emerson 2007 Bylaws (in 2 parts)
    • Section 2 (pp. 98-337) contains the Architectural Guidelines
  • 2013 Emerson Map of the neighborhoods

Revision of the Emerson Bylaws
Note that I understand the Emerson Bylaws to be undergoing revision, both to bring them up to date and to make them electronically editable (instead of the very large scanned versions we have today).

However at this point the 2007 Covenants are the latest version governing our community.

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