Sunday, April 12, 2015

Autumn Walk Spring Mulching Completed

It was a perfect Spring weekend, so many of you may have been out enjoying it.

Thus you might not have seen that our landscaping contractor finished the major Spring Clean-up, to include both the Common Areas and the beds in front of our individual houses!

  • To see the full list of services provided, go to the Landscaping page (also linked above).

About 2 weeks ago they brought in the machine that re-edged all of the flowerbeds and tree plantings by creating a trench around them.

Then on Saturday they brought trucks filled with mulch into the neighborhood, carrying mulch in trash barrels and a portable cart to each of the beds, where they spread the mulch into place and then swept up afterwards.

For us this is a great service -- the entire neighborhood looking spruce once more, and each of us with our houses in good shape without needing to spend a gorgeous Spring day doing it!

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