Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Autumn Walk Spring Clean Up Has Begun!

The weather may have transitioned directly from Winter to Summer, but the Autumn Walk Spring Clean-Up under our landscaping contract began today!

The first stage focused on trimming the Common Area bushes, and then re-edging all of the mulched beds, including in front of private homes.

The final step will add weed control to the flower beds, and then a new layer of mulch.

As a reminder, replacing mulch which has washed away the rest of the year is the homeowner's responsibility for the private flower beds in front of your home. The re-mulching only occurs under the HOA contract once per year in the Spring.

Also, trimming of the shrubs in your private flower beds, and weeding as well, is also the homeowner's responsibility.

Within a few days, the neighborhood should be looking tidy and spruce for Spring!

The lawn mowing and trimming part of the contract typically doesn't begin until a couple of months later, when the dormant grass starts to grow again. We hope all of you find this service paid for by your HOA fees valuable!

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