Sunday, November 9, 2014

Final Stretch of Intercounty Connector Opens Monday 11/10/14

The final 1.5 mile stretch of MD-200 (the Intercounty Connector, or ICC) opens Monday morning between I-95 and Route 1 in Laurel.

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Pricing on the new section of the all-electronic toll road will match the rest of the ICC, with the peak price occurring during rush hour of the work week (6 AM - 9 AM, and 4 PM - 7 PM Monday through Friday).

The roadwork provides a new intersection on I-95 (Exit 32) to the new Konterra Drive, while MD-200 will now extend from the existing Exit 31 eastward to a new interchange with Route 1 between Contee Road and the Muirkirk MARC station.

There will also be a limited interchange between MD-200 and the south end of Konterra Drive.

(Note that the Konterra web site says rather vaguely that the "first phase of Konterra Town Center East is due to deliver in 2015.")

Click the map to go to the full size "Continuous Flow" PDF fact sheet

The Route 1 intersection uses a "Continuous Flow" design, where eastbound left-turning traffic from the ICC is routed over the westbound traffic prior to Route 1, to minimize the impact from left-turning vehicles at the stop lights on Route 1.

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