Thursday, June 4, 2015

Notes: Emerson HOA 6/1/15

Highlights from the Emerson Master HOA Meeting on Monday, June 1, 2015:

  1. First Emerson Town Hall scheduled for Wed., June 17th at 7 PM in the Clubhouse
    1. Want to solicit ideas for improving the community and answer questions from residents
    2. Intended to alternate with the bi-monthly Board Meetings
  2. Social Activities
    1. Emerson Pool Party will be on Sat., June 13th
      1. Planning additional activities
      2. Need volunteers, currently have 8 but need 15-20 workers to run event successfully
      3. Resident suggests putting out sign-ups for work timeslots via
      4. Board also approved catering company Puttin' on the Ritz
    2. Egg Hunt Saturday in April
      1. Need to ask for RSVPs (more showed up than expected)
      2. Need to set up in smaller area (Sterling Park too large to monitor if entire area used)
      3. Need to have separate events for toddlers versus older kids
    3. Pool is now open
      1. Complex job to manage opening and memberships/cards
      2. Also did several reviews with pool management company to ensure pool was operating correctly
      3. Temperature issues were due to colder weather in early part of season, solar heater was functioning correctly
    4. Tennis Tournament approved
  3. Communications Committee
    1. Reorganizing due to new membership/chair
    2. Examining the issues/rules/policies for possible Emerson Facebook page
  4. Finance Committee
    1. Also has new chair
    2. Trying to understand scope and context of committee responsibilities
    3. Major decisions involve whether to pay off debt, and amount to recommend for Clubhouse renovation
    4. Meetings third Tuesday of each month
  5. Renovation Committee
    1. Waiting for budget
    2. Suggestion from the floor to estimate carrying costs after renovation and possible revenue streams
  6. Budget
    1. Draft FY16 Budget approved
    2. Summary of Emerson assets (public record, available to view on request)
    3. Annual Reserve Study
      1. Maryland requires update every 5 years, Virginia annually
      2. CMC recommended best practices was 3-5 years
      3. New manager asked for annual review, which largely just updated costs of materials (e.g., asphalt)
  7. Architectural Review
    1. Annual Review completed
      1. Emerson has not yet received results
      2. Architect indicated there were fewer violations this year than in the past
    2. Architectural Covenants
      1. Being updated, currently under review by attorney
      2. One major goal was to make them more readable
      3. Initial feedback is that solar panel and satellite dish covenants are well-written and enforceable
      4. Intend to send out to community for comment and vote, taking effect in CY16
  8. Miscellaneous
    1. Board approved long list of repairs, inspections, and improvements
    2. Board examining improving/extending walking trails throughout community
    3. Board approved budget item for removal of beaver from stormwater management pond
    4. Resident asked about landscaping repairs
      1. Replacing dead trees and shrubs along major roads (Palace Hall, Skylark)
    5. Resident question about surveying on commercial parcel east of I-95
      1. Just preparing to construct ditches
    6. Developer of Walden Woods (age-restricted community next to Wincopia Farms) proposed a walking path connected to Emerson. Emerson declined the offer.
    7. Sidewalk repair
      1. Board has asked for estimates for repairing all sidewalks throughout Emerson at same time
      2. One sub-HOA is asking whether their work can piggyback for a discount rate for repairs under their jurisdiction
    8. Washington Post article on Emerson last Saturday
      1. Generally very positive but some inaccuracies, specifically crime statistics reflect larger zip code and not Emerson

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