Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beware of Distraction Scams

Howard County Police Department is warning residents of a "distraction scam," where an individual posing as a water company employee engaged a homeowner while an accomplice slipped in behind and stole valuables.

Residents should:
  • Always ask for ID and call the company if you weren't expecting anyone
  • Avoid letting strangers into your home where possible
  • If someone claims to be selling something, they should have a Howard County-issued solicitor's license
You can call police at 410-313-2200 to report suspicious incidents, or dial 911 if the incident is in progress.

On a related note, Autumn Walk has finally posted a "No Soliciting" sign as requested by a number of our residents, especially those living near our entrance.

If someone still comes to your door, please keep the safety tips above in mind.

From Howard County Police Department's warning on Facebook reporting this incident on 6/30/15:

Police are encouraging residents to take precautions to protect themselves against distraction burglaries and similar scams. Along with the Howard County Office of Consumer Affairs, the department suggests the following tips:
  • Always ask for company identification and if they claim to be selling something, a county-issued solicitor’s license. 
  • Call the company directly to confirm if they have sent a representative to your home. 
  • Don’t feel pressured to make any decisions on the spot. 
  • If in doubt, never let someone you don’t know inside your home.
Police also ask residents to report attempts or suspicious activity by calling 410-313-2200 or 911 if the incident is in-progress.

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