Tuesday, September 1, 2015

So Much Fun: 2015 Autumn Walk Picnic!

The 2015 Autumn Walk Picnic was a fabulous success! The weather was perfect, the food was wonderful, and everyone had a great time.

Check out our unofficial neighborhood Facebook page for about 150 pictures (and one video) to see just how much fun it was!

Many thanks to the dedicated crew of volunteers who planned and organized the Picnic over the past 2 months: Bindu, Kelly H., Allie, Daphna, Jenny, Adrienne, Jamie, and Pam, as well as the site hosts and grillmasters: Kelly and Randy R., Fred, Charles, and Dharmesh.

The dunk tank obtained by Charles and Pam was a huge hit, with a long line of mostly kids waiting to be dunked (and to do the dunking).

So was the water balloon fight, er, I mean toss. Charles also set up the inflatable water slide tower seen above that the little kids scrambled up and down.

About half of the neighborhood attended with roughly 40 adults and 35 kids.

As always, we had plentiful potluck contributions supplementing the burgers and hot dogs supplied by Autumn Walk HOA, and set up and clean up went quickly with many hands helping!

Not everyone could make it, but that's simply a reason for you to host your own event such as a Flamingo Friday!

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