Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Autumn Walk Halloween Block Party

Thanks to hosts Allie and Daphna and everyone who made chili for the contest, dressed up in costumes, brought supplies and food, or who simply stopped by to say hello -- the 2015 Autumn Walk Halloween Block Party was another great success!

There were a dozen terrific chili entries, and Bindu's "B" Chili took the prize in the vegetarian category while Kelli S.'s recipe (#7) was the voters' choice among the meat entries.

The Smith Family took home the prize in the costume contest, dressed as a full set of Power Rangers!

Many dozens of children and adults stopped by from throughout Autumn Walk and Emerson to sample the food, vote for their favorite chili, and get some treats on a crisp Fall day.

Once again all of you have created a fun event and shown what a friendly, hospitable neighborhood we have!

More pictures are below (go to Facebook for the full set):

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