Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Autumn Walk Landscaping Update 11/14/17

In response to some inquiries about leaf removal, here is a landscaping update.

Tammy from the Autumn Walk Board met with the landscaping supervisor on Tuesday 11/14/17:

1. They will be out next week for leaf removal.

  • They are removing later this year because the trees have been slow to shed.
  • They will do a lighter clean up again early December.
  • Now that a frost has hit the leaves should really start falling. 
 2. Work on the middle island should begin this week.

  • It is his belief that the plants have been deteriorating for a while due to snow and salt.
  • The changes to the landscape should prevent the healthy plants from the same fate by moving them inward and replacing their current position with grass. 
 3. He will send a proposal to CAS Management on trimming the crape myrtles. They should be trimmed in the spring. 

4. The knockout roses on the end of the large island have been hit by Rosetta disease and should be removed and again, can be done in the spring. 
  • One concern is adding new roses to that island as we could face the same issue. The disease is airborne. 
  • No decision has been made yet on the replacements. 
On a separate but related topic: 

5. Entrance Sign 
  • Application submitted to Emerson Master HOA
  • CAS Management is working on the contract, company is getting permits

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