Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Autumn Walk (Early) Spring Update

80-degree days in February make it feel like Spring has already arrived, so here's a quick (Early) Spring 2018 Update:
  • Autumn Walk Welcome Committee
  • Spring Clean-Up
  • Autumn Walk Entrance Sign Construction
  • Stephens Road Bridge Project
If you have any other ideas or see issues that need to be addressed, please contact us at autumnwalkhoa@gmail.com.

1. Welcome Committee

The new Autumn Walk Welcome Committee put together a lovely basket for our newest neighbors Melody and Jim, to make sure they are welcomed to our community.

More will be forthcoming on their efforts, but we want to thank Jamie, Adrienne, Allie, and Tammy for taking the initiative to continue Autumn Walk's friendly neighborhood tradition!

Welcome Note accompanied by a plant, cookies,
Old Bay, tea towels, and hand soap

2. Spring Clean-Up

Keep an eye out for the Spring Clean-Up by our landscaping contractor.
  • While the weather can always cause adjustments to the timing, sometime in the next month (late March/early April) we expect them to start doing the annual (one-time) Spring maintenance of the entire community.
  • The first stage of this one-time clean-up was actually performed on January 31st, when they took up the remaining leaves and trimmed back the shrubs in our flowerbeds. New mulch should be laid down next month.

  • As a reminder, the rest of the year individual homeowners are responsible for mulching and weeding flowerbeds and trimming shrubs.
  • But once a year we get everyone's yard looking great at the same time!
  • For details of what's covered by the contract please see our Landscaping page.

3. Autumn Walk Entrance Sign Construction

The sign company has notified us that they have now obtained the permit for construction of the Autumn Walk brick monument sign at the entrance to Garden Ranges.

The materials have been ordered and construction is expected to begin in a few weeks (in March).

4. Stephens Road Bridge Project

As a reminder, on Wed., March 7th Howard County will hold an open house with displays at Forest Ridge Elementary School about the Stephens Road Bridge Project expected to start construction this Fall.

The project will widen Stephens Road, lift it out of the floodplain, and add sidewalks between Whiskey Bottom Road and Gorman Road.

While there will not be a formal presentation, Howard County staff will be on hand to answer questions.

For more information see Emerson's Facebook Event:


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