Friday, May 10, 2019

New Monument Sign Lighting

The Emerson Master HOA gave us a landscaping light for our monument sign as a test, with the objective of determining whether the lights would work well enough in Autumn Walk and Skylark Ridge to roll them out across the community.

Old and New Lights Together

However, we felt the light had several issues, including a harsh white color temperature, limited placement options for the lights, and limited ability to place the solar panel to collect sunlight and avoid getting turned off by headlights at night.

Old Light (in the center)

So after some research we found lights that we felt would deliver a much better result, and purchased them ourselves at a grand cost of $39.99.

New Lights (one on each side)

The caveat, however, is that installation is significantly more complex (a few hours versus 10 minutes), which we could afford since we did it ourselves at no cost.

But hopefully you'll agree with us that the result was worth it! Go out after dark and check them out for yourselves!

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