Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Thinking of Selling Your Home in Emerson?

Posted by the Emerson Master HOA:

Thinking of Selling Your Home in Emerson?

There are a few things you should know:

1. You need to order a Resale Package. 

• This is done by going to and selecting "Order Resale Package" from the top menu.
• After that you will select "Community Management Corporation (VA)" from the long drop down menu and that will take you to Community Archives where you will order whatever product you need. 
• Please remember if you live in a townhouse you also need a package from your Sub-association.

2. Your home gets an inspection. 

• This is part of the Resale Process and it is done by either the Community Manager or the Assistant Manager.
• Results of the inspection are made available to the buyer; as a seller you have an option of either fixing anything listed as a Violation or conveying that to the new owner (who will need to address it).
• Our Community Manager Steffanie is always happy to check the house for you before you get too far in this process to identify anything she can tell is going to be an issue.
• The situation gets complicated if things are identified too close to the settlement date and we'd like to help avoid that.
• Just ask her at - it's free of charge.
• Once things are fixed she can email a letter to you certifying its completion.

While we never want to lose any of my Emerson family we do want to always try to make any transition as easy as possible.

Emerson Community Management

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