Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Autumn Walk Annual Meeting Notes 10/29/18

·         Agenda 10/29/18
o   7:00      Quorum Established
o   7:01      Call to Order and Introductions
o   7:02      Adoption of the 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
o   7:05      Financial Review
§  2019 Budget Overview/Formal Board Adoption
§  Grounds Contract 2019
o   7:20      President’s Report
§  Yearly Overview
§  Community Gatherings/Events
§  Misc
o   7:30      Election – one open position
o   7:45      Open Forum for Community Concerns
o   8:00      Meeting Adjourned
·         Quorum Established (12 needed)
o   Attending: 9811 (Dharmesh, Bindu), 9832 (Allie), 9836 (Tammy), 9854 (Fred), 9868 (Damon)
§  2018 Officers: Dharmesh Patel (President); Fred Leong (Vice President, Secretary); Tammy Penning (Member at Large)
o   Proxies: 9806, 9807, 9809, 9810, 9814, 9837, 9844, 9846, 9848, 9858, 9862, 9866
o   Management: April Day, CAS Inc.
·         Call to Order (Dharmesh Patel)
·         Introductions
·         2017 Meeting Minutes Adopted
·         Financial Review/Discussion of FY19 Budget
o   Monument Sign: $11,000 not needed in 2019
o   Audit and Tax Preparation reduced slightly ($200)
§  2017 actuals were double because previously the auditor/preparers couldn’t keep up, and we had to sign extensions rather than file on time
§  Now able to keep up with new firm
o   Discussion of Landscaping
§  Performance by contractor has been extremely poor since Brightview bought out Brickman in 2017 (bought many small landscaping companies at same time)
·       Seem to have lost many of their top employees, not have enough crews
§  We have not received consistent service, and don’t know what has been done
·       Blamed lack of mowing, edging, work on trees on rain
·       Board does not find this acceptable
§  Recompeted contract: three companies
·       Brightview: did not submit a new proposal
·       Johnson’s: 1 year proposal
o   Does all services including snow
o   Did walkthrough, evaluated trees and shrubs
o   Familiar with work for two other customers (45 SFHs, and also THs including private yards)
·       Mainscape: bid was very high (roughly 60%), not able to resolve yet why this was the case
o   Was not able to resolve questions about the property lines, even though they have the site plan
§  Review of Johnson proposal
·       Scope of work similar to current Brightview contract
o   Mow every 7-10 days, 26-28 cuts
o   Mulch twice including private yards
§  Second one in Fall is not full service
§  Bid was lower so option for added Fall service
o   Prune shrubs and ground cover 3X (common area)
o   Pruning street trees
o   Leaf collection 3X
o   Fall aeration, overseeding
o   Cleanup
·       All yards will be done if accessible and no dog waste
·       Q: Will Johnson grow so much they will exceed their capacity?
o   They are committed to keeping their capacity at the level needed, even if they acquire other business in Emerson
o   They are nearby and expect to be able to monitor
·       Q: Reporting?
o   Monthly: plan, then what was done, then where they are versus the contract requirements
o   April has also asked them to be proactive: identify issues such as dead shrubs and trees, etc.
·       We should monitor closely; typically contractors do a great job in the first year, then performance slips
§  Need to ensure we get service in the last month of the year
o   Other issues:
§  Need to remind community:
·       Make sure yard is accessible
·       Crews will avoid areas that can be damaged, though they will do their best to avoid damage
o   Last year weedwhacker broke something
o   Need to keep area clear of items
§  Snow: sidewalk chemical is concrete friendly
o   Dharmesh makes motion to accept Johnson proposal; Tammy seconds
§  Adopted 3-0
·         Election
o   No formal nominations received, Tammy is not running again
o   Floor open: Bindu Patel nominates Allie Stegner
§  Allie Stegner is appointed to the Board
o   In 2019, two positions will be open: Dharmesh Patel and Fred Leong
·         Welcome Basket report (Allie)
o   Not getting enough help, need to send two out 
o   Doesn’t seem to be effective, met 3-4 face-to-face when delivering
o   Only acquires materials as they come in
o   Recommends keeping program for now
·        Open Forum
o   People are stripping their front beds bare, some have weeds only. What can we do?
§  Should not be making permanent changes without approval
§  Violations: technically must hold a hearing
§  Provide addresses to April, can send letters out by Spring
o   Design Review Guidelines: removal of landscape structures (p. 19)
§  Requires approval by Emerson Community Association for removal of major building and landscaping features
o   Concern about dead shrubs and rose bushes?
§  We are moving to a new contractor
§  In Spring, can do a walkthrough of community c. late March/early April
o   Discussion of vandalism of monument sign
§  Cost several hundred dollars to replace landscaping (plantings) that were torn up
§  Also happened a block down to flowerbed in The Landing
§  Unclear if related to vandalism of Emerson Clubhouse (swimming pool)
§  Several very small incidents
o   Picnic next year?
§  Pizza party
§  Sunday is better due to event for kids
·        Adjourned

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