Sunday, April 9, 2023

Tell HoCo: Reporting Issues to Howard County

For those who may not be aware, Howard County allows residents to report maintenance issues to County Government via the Tell HoCo service on the SeeClickFix platform (available as both a web form and a mobile app).

This service lets you report anything from trash along the road to broken traffic signs, and you get automated acknowledgments and updates.

Tell HoCo should be used for any County-maintained roads or facilities. (As an FYI however, all numbered roads are maintained by the State of Maryland.)

For example, here's a broken stop sign that I reported in the past few weeks that was fixed after about a week:

Tire tracks make it obvious what happened to this sign

Some of the Categories of items that can be reported to Howard County

More Categories

This issue was reported along with the picture

You can see all items reported by other users

Updates are reported via the app and email

A week later, the issue was fixed

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