Monday, April 10, 2023

Spring Cleanup (plus Tree Trimming!)

Our landscaper has been busy with the annual Spring Cleanup and the entire neighborhood looks clean and tidy again.

All common areas and private flowerbeds were remulched

1. This year, we decided to add trimming of the street trees in front of our houses because most of the trees are 11-12 years old now and greatly in need of it, and the cost was only $15/house. The sidewalks and driveways are now much more clear!

The street trees were trimmed significantly for the first time in 12 years

Major branches hanging over the driveways and sidewalks were pruned

2. To reiterate about our landscaping services, we asked our residents 11 years ago if we all wanted to add maintenance of the private yards to the contract for the common areas. 

Because it's so much more efficient for a commercial landscaper to do all of our yards, we've been able to get mowing, trimming, and leaf removal at a fraction of the cost, and also get a complete Spring Cleanup (mulching and edging beds, and trimming bushes) and a Fall Remulching.

3. At the time (2012) we raised fees by $15 a month and despite steady inflation have been able to provide this service without increases in the 10 years since.

4. We are examining expenses closely now because we are technically running a deficit budget, but are also several years ahead on our required Reserve Fund payments for future large repairs.

To read more about our budgeting process, please see the draft minutes from our 2022 Annual Meeting:

The decorative plants around the Autumn Walk monument sign were replanted

Pesticide was applied to the lawns, and the private flower beds were edged and remulched

Both the large and small island were remulched and bushes and trees trimmed, especially the crepe myrtles

The trees in the rear common area were also trimmed and remulched

Spring Cleanup actually began by blowing and mulching any leaves that had accumulated since the Fall removal

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Thanks for the updates! Really liked the trees trimmed after all these years, great idea!

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