Friday, April 28, 2023

Emerson Clubhouse Update (April 2023)

The new Emerson Clubhouse is expected to be completed in August 2023 and on April 13th, residents were given the opportunity to tour the construction site with our Owner's Representative as well as the Project Managers from the General Contractor acting as guides and answering questions.

This unofficial report is a brief summary of that visit by one of our residents and as with all large construction projects schedules could be affected by events:

1. Tour was given by the Project/Construction Managers for the General Contractor as well as our Owner's Rep who manages the entire project.

They hope to give future tours as construction progresses if there is demand. Only about half of the 25 people who signed up attended.

2. General Schedule:
• April: Steel construction
• May: Wood Framing
• June 1st: Begin exterior finish
• August: Completion

Project is on schedule, mild weather did not hurt.

They are working with Howard County to get approval for their plan to safely open the pool in June.

Plan is to bring in temporary changing rooms; HoCo also requires them to create safe access points and section them off with fences that are driven into the ground.

3. The middle portion was torn down to build a stronger foundation to support the second story load. The new footprint is somewhat larger (about 10 feet more in the front, and perhaps bigger in the back as well).

The pool changing rooms (on the right as you face the building) and the pump room (on the left end of the building) were retained for cost purposes, but both were internally strengthened and braced.

4. Solar heaters for the Baby Pool and Main Pool will not be replaced. Next year they will have gas-fired heaters. They don't know what the land for the old passive solar array will be used for, but in the short term it will be a staging area.

There are no plans for solar on the roof of the new Clubhouse.

Access to the Pool will be from the left side (next to the Pump Room) and this is where the lifeguard office will be.

5. Exterior and interior finishes have been selected and ordered, to include the fitness equipment. Not clear what the plan will be for after hours access to the Fitness Center.

6. I asked what the notches in the concrete slab were. They have the heavy metal plates where the supporting columns will be attached, after which concrete will be poured around them.

7. I didn't take a picture of it, but they pointed out that you can see the dark asphalt marking the trench along the length of the driveway where the water service was upgraded coming from the fire hydrant.

Once the project is done the parking lot will remain the same size, but will be relandscaped.

Photos with comments in the captions:

2/15/23: The construction team completed the demolition of the original clubhouse in January. 

2/15/23: Currently, they are completing the structural reinforcing of the existing concrete block walls, pouring concrete foundations, and upgrading the water line that serves the clubhouse. Next up is under slab electrical and plumbing work and pouring the concrete slab.

3/1/23: The construction team worked on the structural reinforcing of the existing concrete block wall for the Pool House Restrooms and Pool Equipment Room. This is needed to support the additional load of the second floor of the Clubhouse. 

Also, concrete block was added in these locations to prepare for the new wood joists that will span across the second floor. The team is finishing up the new concrete footings for the extension of the building footprint towards the pool area. 

3/1/23: To support the added water demand for a now 2-story clubhouse, the water line along the entrance road to the clubhouse has been upgraded and a new fire hydrant has been installed closer to the clubhouse. The team will continue with the water line upgrades through the parking lot and into the new building. 

3/1/23: The team will soon be working towards completing underslab utility rough ins followed by a concrete slab pour in the coming weeks.

4/13/23: The walls are starting to come up out of the ground. The tall structure in the middle is for the elevator.

4/13/23: The smaller gray block to the left (and maybe right as well) of the main entrance is part of a stairwell(s) to the second floor.

The doorway to the right of the elevator is the emergency exit from the elevator lobby. The big gap is the main entrance to the lobby which is about 10 feet further out than it used to be. There will be some kind of portico or overhang.

4/13/23: If you look closely you can see where they have marked the concrete floor slab in chalk. Here are the bathrooms.

4/13/23: This area will be the Business Center

4/13/23: This is where the supporting columns will attach. The footprint of the foundation has been extended all around.

4/13/23: The pump house is on the right (left end of the building), and this is where the Pool entrance will be

4/13/23: The heavy blocks support the walls until the trusses can can be built for the second story. The dark patches on the wall are where they cut into them to strengthen them inside.

4/20/23: The crane has arrived and the steel columns and beams are being installed.
4/29/23: The dark asphalt shows where the water line was upgraded from the hydrant since the building will now have two stories

4/29/23: The central peaked roof is taking shape in the steel supports. You can also see that the steel has been extended in front of the changing rooms, as the area that was formerly an outside shower will now be indoors and have vending machines.

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