Monday, May 15, 2023

Ground Nesting Bees

The Ground Nesting Bees are back, and we have been coordinating with Emerson HOA and Skylark Ridge HOA to let them stay because they are beneficial pollinators, not dangerous, and temporary.

As the sign below from the University of Maryland Extension Service states:

The soil mounds you see on the ground belong to ground nesting bees, also known as mining bees.

These bees are...

  • Not aggressive: rarely sting and do not aggressively defend their nests
  • Temporary: their flying activity only lasts 2-4 weeks
  • Caring for their young: their burrows are underground
    to protect young ("baby") bees. The female bee brings nectar and pollen to the burrow to feed her young
  • Important pollinators: help pollinate wildflowers, fruits and vegetables, and a variety of other crops
  • Losing their habitat: due to urbanization and pesticide use

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